MP1 Closed Circuit Axial Piston Pump

Danfoss Power Solutions introduces its MP1 closed circuit axial piston pump, which provides best-in-class modular configuration for manufacturers seeking a reliable medium-power product.

·        Available in 28/32 and 38/45 cm³ frame sizes

·        Flexible enough to fit a wide array of applications

·        Able to scale to needed control capability, including MDC (manual displacement control) and EDC (electrical displacement control)

·        Features built-in flexibility through common pump platforms for controls and porting

·        Modularity reduces manufacturing variation for simplified component sourcing and improves time to market

·        True clean side (non-customer interface) provides flexibility in component placement whereas competing pumps typically include a valve on the clean side, reducing placement options

·        Short length provides potential to reduce material costs  

·        Durable, robust design meets demands of harsh operating conditions 

·        Enabled for telematics with easy-to-develop custom applications using the Danfoss Power Solutions PLUS+1 GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) system

·        Provides many possibilities for connectivity and vital data collection which can assist with predictive maintenance, remote service, efficiency management and operator safety




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