The new Thomson PC Series electric actuators are designed to deliver superior performance while saving you time and money with easy product sizing and selection, quick and reliable installation, and reduced maintenance.

Customize your solution and select from the longest stroke lengths available in the industry, and utilize a plug and play mounting solution that accommodates more than 600 motor types and sizes.

The exceptional power density of the PC Series allows you to build a quieter, more compact machine.


  • High repeatability, positioning accuracy
  • Smooth, quiet operation, reduced noise
  • High side load capability
  • Built in anti-rotational of rod end
  • Quick and easy maintenance
  • Suitable for heavy loads and harsh environments
  • High power density and long life
  • No collection points during washdown
  • IP 65 rating suitable for harsh environments
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Simple mounting of ISO standard accessories

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