Tailor-made process optimization

Systems solutions for filtration and separation, supplemented by complete filters, filter elements, spare parts, and services: our customers can expect superior technical complete solutions. Our extensive engineering expertise and decades of experience in the application of the most advanced filtration technologies forms the basis for the perfect process optimization. We are a leading supplier of high- and low-pressure filters, ASME code and noncode filters, as well as bag and cartridge filters.


Filter housings

MAHLE Industrial Filtration offers a complete range of filter housings to accommodate filter cartridges, filter bags, and lenticular modules. The housings are sized from a single element to multi element and in a variety of materials to suit a wide variety of applications. They are manufactured to various industry standards depending on the application.


Filter cartridges

MAHLE Industrial Filtration offers a wide range of filter cartridges from depth to pleated and special cartridges. Micron ratings ranging from 250 μm nominal to 0.05 absolute, our filter cartridges offer the solution for every step of the process. Custom or standard our filter cartridges are designed and manufactured to the highest quality.


Filter bags

For a wide number of applications filter bags are easy to use and economical choice. They are excellent for use in various liquid filtration steps.


Pressure leaf filters

MAHLE Industrial Filtration's pressure leaf filter can be supplied as vertical and horizontal types. This system is a fully automated and fully enclosed system – with dry or wet cake discharge, and the leading size range up to 200 m² (horizontal types).

The unique 3 / 5 / 7 ply construction filter elements are made of stainless steel, the filter tank is made from carbon steel or stainless steel.



The Cricketfilter® is a pressure filter with a large specific filtration area due to the shape of the filter elements. The unique shape of the filter elements allows for a higher filtration area – filter volume ratio than traditional round shaped filter cartridges (up to 40% higher).

The Cricketfilter® is a fully enclosed system with patented cricket bat shaped filter elements mounted on a horizontal filter plate or manifolds.

This filter system can be supplied as stand alone unit or complete skid mounted units with a wide range of materials of construction such as: carbon steel, stainless steel (304, 316, 904, etc.), super duplex stainless steel, hastelloy/titanium.

The Cricketfilter® can be supplied with dry cake discharge (big bottom valve for cake discharge) or with wet cake discharge (smaller bottom valve for slurry discharge).


Seawater filters

Seawater filters from MAHLE Industrial Filtration are automatic back flushing filters and can be supplied as stand alone unit or skid mounted units. The design is suitable for both floating and fixed production platforms.

We offer a wide range of materials of construction such as: super duplex stainless steel, rubber lined carbon steel, glass flake lined carbon steel, 6Mo stainless steel, internals in super duplex stainless steel, pipework in super duplex or FREP, valves in super duplex or aluminium bronze.


ProGuard Products

ProGuard is a dedicated line of tubular backwashable filters. These custom engineered systems are designed to meet the unique requirements of refinery and petrochemical applications, as well as pulp & paper and other industrial uses that need backwash filtration. The system continually monitors the dirt load coming into the filter and will automatically enter into the backwash cycle to clean the filter media. The concept behind these filters is to allow continuous operation of your system, with filter cleaning taking place as needed. permanent filter media reduce your ongoing costs and eliminate the need to dispose of contaminated filter media. During normal operation, dirty, unfiltered fluid enters the ProGuard filter system through the filter media in an outside to inside flow path. Clean fluid then exits the filter and returns to the process through the outlet header.