Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

With products from the field of separation, MAHLE provides reliable systems that strike an excellent balance between economy and ecology. Highly efficient filtration and separation solutions for a wide range of applications, such as oil separation for bilge and surface water, ballast water treatment, or water removal from engine and transmission oils, protecting hydraulic, transfer, and circulation systems, are supported by tailor-made customer service. Raw oil or industrial washing baths can also be treated economically with MAHLE separation systems.


Oil Separation

MAHLE oil separation systems continuously separate oil, emulsions, and dispersions from the water—without backflushing or the use of chemicals. Furthermore, oil separators by far exceed the filter service life of absorption filters thanks to their self-cleaning design. Separation occurs continuously under pressure and in one or two stages. MAHLE oil-water separators rely on the principles of gravity and coalescence to separate oil and particulate material from the water. In a two-stage system, the MAHLE multiphase separator (MPS) uses patented profiles to separate larger oil droplets and particulate material. In the second stage, the mechanical emulsion breaker (MESB) separates the fine emulsified oil droplets using patented emulsion breaker elements. The separated oil is then channeled into the waste oil tank. Depending on customer requirements, various separation stages can be combined to achieve different results.


Fuel Treatment

MAHLE fuel and lubricant treatment systems can be used any medium distillate, such as diesel fuel, light heating oil, marine diesel oil (MDO), and lubricating oil. They offer the most efficient and economical solution for the contaminants that are typical for these media (solid and suspended particles such as dust, sediment, and rust or water).Combined filter-coalescers of various ratings are available for the first phase, allowing optimized adaptation to the technical requirements of the application. As an option, a downstream separator membrane can be used to reduce the water content to 20 ppm of free water, in order to prevent microorganism infestation, which can start at about 60 ppm. For severe solid contamination, the filter-coalescer is also available in a two-phase version, where an upstream filter can be replaced independently of the coalescer.


Dewatering Crude Oil

MAHLE Industriefiltration provides a wide range of particularly high-performance, cost-effective products for crude oil separation and wastewater oil removal. The systems are very reliable and low-maintenance, and can be produced according to the British Standard, ASME, and ATEX directives. CWD water removal systems can be adapted to various applications and requirements by combining individual separation elements. This is crude oil separation, perfected. We are also specialists for separating oil from water: MAHLE oil separators guarantee the cleanliness of waste water according to IMO, DIN, and EN standards, and by means of highly efficient modern and tested separation technology.


Ballast Water Treatment

The OPS Ocean Protection System makes ballast water management simple, fast, and inexpensive. The technology produces outstanding results with low technical effort and compact construction.Ballast water is treated immediately upon intake. The primary challenge is eliminating the tiniest organisms.For this reason, MAHLE decided on a combined method for its OPS, which is based on precision tuning of three system phases: the 1st and 2nd phases provide exceptionally fine filtering, so that low-pressure UV radiation can be used to reliably destroy or disable even the smallest organisms in the 3rd phase.